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Warm Up Top

Plain or Personalised

Warmup well before your game with your own Dominoes Warm Up Top!  Warmup tops are $45 each.

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Our club wants to ensure our players are dressed in the best gear available. We sell club hoodies for purchase. Get yourself out and about in the best possible quality merchandise and be proud to represent Dominoes Basketball Club on and off the court!

Adult sizes are $70 each. Children's sizes are $65 each.

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Dominoes Thick and Warm Socks

Beautiful quality club socks in sizes:

13 - 3,

2 - 8,

8 - 11 and


Matching our club colours and makes it easy for you to pair them up and keep them ready for the big games on the weekend. $15 a pair.  Email to order.

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Soft and Warm

Keep all parts of you warm in the stadium and on the way to the stadium, or just because (why not!? they look awesome!)

$25 each and beautiful quality.

Email us at to order now!

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